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South Shore Elite Soccer Academy, (SESA), believes that individual skills are important, but teamwork wins games. Our system is based around the premise that in order for soccer players to thrive on the field of play, they must have confidence in their abilities as well as the abilities of their teammates.

Our players train together. Our players are not just players that share a field. They are teammates. By training and competing together year round, our players are able to know where they should be on each play and they are always aware of the location of their teammates. This awareness of the entire field provides a strong foundation on which to build the individual skills and the team awareness that will provide growth in the game of soccer.

We welcome all interested parents of boys and girls ages 5 years old to 15 years old, contact us for more information, testimonials, comments or suggestions.


Latest News

EDP All-In Commitment!

FC SESA is proud to announce their acceptance to the All-In Program with EDP (Eastern Development Program)!  This program provides many opportunities, both on and off the field.  The EDP has a pathway to college program (TIP) that will assist the parents and players with the entire college process and at the same time, gain a great deal of exposure to many College programs.  

TIP provides All-In accepted programs with EDP College bound friendlies and The EDP league on campus.  College Bound friendlies is an invitation only program where clubs that have been accepted to All-In status, will compete with EDP Select teams on College campuses.  This will provide coaches with the opportunity to watch top teams, along with EDP select squads.  All matches are recorded and stored in EDP College Library for benefit of players and college coaches.

The EDP on college campus program will enable Colleges to open their campuses to EDP league games.  This will give the young players a feel of playing on a college campus and all games will be recorded and stored in the College Library, accessible to The Executive Board College Committee and affiliated College coaches as well.

The College seminars, for players, coaches and parents, will assist in the education of players and parents regarding the College process and will be run by College coaches.  EDP will also run a College placement camp.  Players will be invited by the nomination committee to take part and the camp will be open to College coaches.

"FC SESA is excited to make an all-in commitment to the EDP.  EDP's commitment to development and the exposure that the league provides for the older players, makes this a very special opportunity for our entire club." - President of FC SESA.

The entire club is excited for the numerous doors that this relationship opens for U11-U18, on both the boys and girls side. 

****For further info, please visit www.EDPSOCCER.ORG.    

FC SESA - Founding Member of Cosmos Youth Academy

FC SESA is proud to be a founding member of The NY Cosmos Academy Affiliate Program, which will help set the foundation for The NY Cosmos Academy.  Through the affiliate members, The Cosmos will identify local talent and give the players an opportunity to train and play for the Academy.

The selected founding affiliates will receive direct access to the Cosmos, including first team coaching staff who will share best practice and coaching education.  Our BU7, BU9, BU10, BU11 and GU12 coaches have already been able to attend a private session with Raul as he discussed his experiences as a youth player and youth development stratagies and practices.

FC SESA is proud to be a founding affiliate with The NY Cosmos Youth Academy and looks for great things in the future as FC SESA and The NY Cosmos grow together, creating great opportunities for FC SESA, as well as Long Island youth players.

******For further info please visit  You can look at academy affiliates and browse the history of a storied organization.