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South Shore Elite Soccer Academy, (SESA), believes that individual skills are important, but teamwork wins games. Our system is based around the premise that in order for soccer players to thrive on the field of play, they must have confidence in their abilities as well as the abilities of their teammates.

Our players train together. Our players are not just players that share a field. They are teammates. By training and competing together year round, our players are able to know where they should be on each play and they are always aware of the location of their teammates. This awareness of the entire field provides a strong foundation on which to build the individual skills and the team awareness that will provide growth in the game of soccer.

We welcome all interested parents of boys and girls ages 5 years old to 15 years old, contact us for more information, testimonials, comments or suggestions.


Latest News

First Anual FC SESA Beach Bash!

On August 1st, at Jones Beach, the entire FC SESA Family enjoyed a great night of soccer, raffles and BBQ.

The kids competed in friendly (as friendly as competitive kids can get) sand soccer, 5v5, run by our directors.  Between games, the kids all enjoyed some great food and had the opportunity to go for a swim to cool down.

Meanwhile, the parents enjoyed the company of the other team parents, coaches and managers, BBQ food, drinks and raffles. 

It was a great time for all and a great way to get primed for the upcoming Fall season.  Reuniting all the parents, kids and coaches and enjoying a great bonding time between our new and old teams.

Awesome way to start our Annual Beach Bash!

Great Additions Made to the FC SESA Family!

FC SESA has added the final two teams to the FC SESA Family!

GU12 FC SESA Jaguars and GU9 FC SESA Stars!

The Jaguars will compete in The New York Premier League (NYPL) and The Stars will compete in NYCSL Girls U9, Division II.

We expect to see some great things from both groups of girls and are proud to have them playing with our Academy!